We don't believe that focus groups are the panacea for all psychological research.

Depth interviews allow one to understand the psyche of the individual and why they act as they do. So when decision making is largely the choice of individuals, this method is recommended.

We still use focus groups but oly when the interaction between the participants has a genuine role in gaining understanding/ generating more creative ideas or solutions.

We have the capability to undertake internet /email based research for a fraction of the cost of the big research companies, with a fast turnaround guaranteed.

The difference with Q2 is that we not only have exceptional experience with the online software (which is the best in its sector), but give you undivided attention and take responsibility for the project, backed by 20 years experience of questionnaire design, analysis & interpretation.

We can also project manage quantitative research via any type of omnibus, telephone or face to face interviews (we have no hesitation in buying out fieldwork only services from major suppliers, when it is more cost effective for our clients).

Given our experience in brand planning, we regularly get involved in brand reviews for companies after mergers or with new management, working alongside other consultants.

Our role may be to interview key decision makers, run brand sessions with staff /consultants and interview end customers/affiliates.

Our expertise emanates from Jane Cheffngs’ planning experience and work on significant brand projects e.g. Royal Liver, Bales Worldwide, F&C (on merger with ISIS) and Resolution Life. We also have an internal communication expert.

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